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Trickle Pipe/Grass Chute

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A pipe and grassed ramp used to transfer water to the bed of a gully. The pipe, commonly 150mm PVC runs from the top of the gully head to the floor. A grass chute is a carefully prepared grassed slope with a grade of about 1:5. Cost $1,000 - $1,500.


A Trickle Pipe/Grass Chute arrangement is used to control headward erosion. The trickle pipe carry's the regular daily flow while the grass chute handles the bigger flood flows.


Usually limited to catchments with an area of 40 hectares and gullies less than 3 metres deep.Grass chutes requires regular maintenance.Not suitable in highly saline sites.


Grass chute must be constructed on consolidated material.Trickle pipe must have anti seepage baffles installed to prevent tunnelling along the pipe.